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…because mother nature can do more than you can imagine. You can trust your body, because he has a logical body language with clear signs, the deep knowledge to reorganize himself and to restore the balance in his own metabolism. This is also known as self-healing-power of the body.

"Health is not the absence of sickness, it is instead the existence of joy of life and enormous working capabilities."

Our team within the OBENAS Institute work with natural nutrition supplements specially optimized for our purposes. Our goals are to guide people through the process of regaining someones power, mentally and physically, and to practice a natural healthy lifestyle. To support a complete and balanced nutrition and your lifestyle we offer a system of well chosen natural nutrition supplements which satisfy even the highest demands and standards. Our portfolio of supplements is permanently under quality controls and optimized with further new developments of nutritive formulas. The individual consultation and analysis of your body with TCM methods and blood analysis is certainly the base of our strategy and part of our basic services, to find the most optimal and individual combination of nutrients to initiate the self-healing-power of your body.

We wish you a lot of joy while reading these following pages.

With best regards
your OBENAS Team