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What is a diet and health consultation? How does it go?
Following the telephonic agreement of an individual consultation appointment you will be sent a comprehensive questionnaire - with the request to fill it out as soon as possible and send it back to us in the enclosed stamped reply envelope.

It is important that we have the filled-in questionnaire at least 4 weeks before the date of the appointment! At the same time the remittance must have arrived in the OBENAS account so the evaluation of the questionnaire can begin.

First appointment: duration 2 hrs.
In the following intensive discussion certain topics on the questionnaire will be gone into - with the object of establishing exactly the general state of health. The analysis already worked out (in the light of the returned questionnaire) will be supplemented with information arising from the discussion.

Bioenergetic measurement methods -particularly the BFD (bio-electronic function diagnosis, similar to the EAV), which are carried out working together with the non-medical practitioners employed by the OBENAS institute, now serve to establish and check on the organic health. Following this, an individual nutrient recommendation will be put together based on the body and its requirements and then finally it will be tested again to ensure its digestibility. This is not a diagnosis or a therapy in the medical sense. Our dietary and health advice is meant to support orthodox and other therapeutic measures. Therefore our recommendations cover above all dietary optimization and health promotion.

This detailed health advice has the aim of balancing out nutrient deficiencies which have been caused by
• irregular or unbalanced eating habits
• fast food
• increased physical pressure
• sport
• the taking of medicaments or the 'pill'
• pregnancy
• nursing period
• professional and/or private stress
• an acute or chronic illness

Experience has shown that many people are wholly unaware that medicaments need nutrients to achieve their best effect! Which means that existing nutrient deficiencies in the body will get worse! In such a case, the body could well do with an "extra portion" of nutrients - unfortunately the vitamins in the daily diet will not suffice for this! At the same time the intestinal flora comes into imbalance through e.g. taking antibiotics, which in turn exercises a direct influence on the health.

Second appointment: Monitor success (duration 1 hr.)
Approximately after 3 to 4 months - depending on the individual situation - a post-appointment takes place when changes in the general state of health are discussed in detail and a new, appropriately adjusted nutrient recommendation is prescribed. For the application of the test method see 1st appointment. Following this you will receive a so-called "post-appointment" questionnaire, which we would ask you to fill out at home a few days before your third appointment and bring with you to the appointment.

Third appointment: Monitor success with check of questionnaire (duration 1 hr.)
After a further 3 to 4 months (preferably 120 days) depending on the individual situation another appointment will take place. This time the questionnaire will be meticulously analyzed and further changes and recommendations discussed. For development see second appointment. According to requirements another monitoring appointment will take place.

It is always amazing to see in what a short time the general state of health can change for the better - if the body is supplied with the nutrients which it so urgently needs for its daily work!

The success of our health advice is based on healthier eating, an improved food ingestion of the daily meals, a restoration of the best possible intestinal health and a sensible, balanced use of selected natural food supplements - individually tested and repeatedly re-adapted.

The aim is: to make good dietary faults and deficient conditions with the least possible use of food supplements - and to get back to the best possible state of health!

If you are interested in being invited to one of the next lectures (lecture preview) or for questions relating to an individual health consultation the OBENAS TEAM is at your disposal.