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What does "Vita Status" mean?
Vita Status food supplements offer the body - just like natural foodstuffs - the whole "spectrum". This means that the vitamins, minerals and trace elements in Vita Status food supplements never appear in isolation, but are integrated into so-called transport materials. This enables a high degree of bioavailability to be reached, which comes very close to that of a foodstuff. The name "Vita Status", has the meaning of "the same as a foodstuff" status". Vita Status food supplements are distinguished by their high level of bioavailability!

"Dosage as prescribed by nature"
Normally, vitamins, minerals and trace elements never appear in our foodstuffs or in our body in an isolated form. They appear as complex fusions with proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, lipoproteins and glycolipids.

The presence of these substances is of great importance to the absorption power, the transport of and the use of the nutrients.

Synthesized (isolated) nutrients do not contain these important elements and are dependent on the availability of the transport substances in the body. Often, these substances are not available and therefore the effectiveness of these vitamins, minerals and trace elements is distinctly reduced. In the attempt to overcome this deficit, it is often the case that synthetic nutrients are taken in dosages that are too high.

The answer to this was, put together nutrients that work in the body exactly like natural foodstuffs! Because what is decisive is what the body can take in and not what it is supplied with!

Day by day, food supplements are becoming more necessary! We all know that even natural foodstuffs cannot always satisfy the body’s great need for nutrients and unfortunately they can also sometimes contain additional toxic substances which have been used to improve growth and storage (fertilizers, insecticides, environmental pollution etc. etc.)

Vita Status food supplements are combined with complex protein-carbohydrate-lipids, which are extracted from plants.

Particular attention was paid to identifying natural relationships (such as e.g. carrots and provitamin A as well as vitamin C and citrus pith) As soon as these relationships are determined the proteins in these plants are extracted. The result is an outstanding new selection of food supplements, which the body can use like natural wholefoods. Plants do not take vitamins out of the ground. They synthesize them in their cells! The synthesis depends on certain minerals and trace elements, which the plant draws from the ground.

The Vita Status method functions through living cells - in natural biological sequence - being "fed" with minerals made of a nutrient medium of proteins, carbohydrates and lipid-imitations.

This intensified concentration of Vita Status nutrients is then separated from its original "host" (the cell wall is dissolved with enzymes) and put into an absorbable tablet form as a food supplement medium.

Biological experiments have shown that Vita Status food supplements are "recognized" by the body as natural foodstuffs and this leads to a high level of bioavailability, improved absorptive ability and a stabilization of the metabolism.