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"10 very effective tips"

Pay attention to your INTAKE and DETOXICATION RHYTHM
• 12 hours food intake and digestion - 12 hours detoxication (cleansing)
• The detoxication is finished by taking breakfast! ("break-fast")
• It is better to drink warm water on getting up rather than having a "normal" breakfast
• Support the cleansing of the body: 1/2 fresh lemon pressed into a glass of water at body temperature
• Eat fruit containing water for breakfast - as late as possible - better from around 9.00 a.m.
• Evening meal at the latest at 19.00 hours
• Go to bed before 24.00 hours

• ALWAYS eat and drink separately (dilution of the gastric juices!)
• Drink before eating: still water is best (not cold!!!) at least ½ hour before
• Drink after eating: again still water is best at the earliest 1 hour afterwards
• Avoid alcohol with your meal (intestinal defense mechanism - proteins!)
• as far as the liver is concerned beer is also alcohol and a cold drink

DRINKS (Pay attention to temperature and quantity!)
• Refrigerator cold - room temperature - body temperature (production of the gastric juices by "sweating")
• Drinks without carbonic acid (there is no carbonated water in nature!)
• Quantity: absolute minimum 1½ liters still water (better 2 - 2½ liters) in addition to the other drinks
• The quantity to drink is dependent on the amount of "dry food" (bread, noodles, rice etc.) and the amount of salt (bread, crisps, ready-made foods etc.)

Eat fruit rather than "drinking" it:
• There are apples in nature but no apple juice
• The amount of juice is many times greater than the amount of fruit one could actually eat.
• Juice is heated up/ concentrated/ additives/ too much sugar even if none is added

SEPARATE FOODS (Eat protein separately from carbohydrate)
Proteins: Meat, cheese, sausage, fish and nuts (vegetable) to be eaten separately from:

Carbohydrates (fruit, bread, noodles, potatoes)!!!!!! Ex.:-> heavy stomach, long digestion time: meat with noodles/rice/dumplings > sausage and bread, bread and cheese > fruit yoghurt > pizza

Ex.:-> light stomach, easily digested, fully fit after eating: > Meat with vegetables and/or salad > bread with vegetarian/vegetable spread> bread with butter, tomatoes, cucumber, salad etc.

Fats are neutral: (butter, cream, oils)

Vegetables and salads

never after or shortly before a meal as this will lead to flatulence! ("I can’t digest fruit")

• Coffee -> grain coffee or tea (not aromatized, without teein)
• Nicotine, alcohol, -> reductions only with appropriate motivation
• Sugar -> honey - cold extracted (not on bread), maple syrup, thick agave juice, thick pear juice, fructose, genuine cane sugar etc.
• Meat -> reduce or avoid if possible -> soya products (tofu etc.) - buy organic otherwise genetically engineered
• Normal salt -> seasalt, salt crystals (Himalaya salt), herbs as condiments
• Sweets -> dried fruit, rice waffles, a piece of sweet fruit, dates etc.
• Tinned fruit/vegetables-> fresh fruit or frozen foods
• HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Eat shoots also known as sprouts!! (alfalfa, bean shoots etc.)
• Making it yourself is easier than you think!

SIMPLE MEALS - back to simple cuisine
• a lot more vegetable foods, as they are light and easily digestible = pressure off the digestive organs!
• chew well and a long time (the stomach has no teeth!)
• insalivating is already a "pre-digestion"
• Observe separate foods rules (pizza without sausage and fish - little or no cheese)
• (noodles with tomato sauce instead of bolognese etc.)
• (something au gratin is a breach of the separate foods rules)
• no eating between meals or snacks: otherwise the body is constantly having to digest -> if necessary eat a piece of fruit

• heavy" conversations lead to a "heavy stomach”!
• Stress and pressure of time when eating make the best chosen and easily digestible foods "a stone in the stomach" -> so preferably eat nothing, just drink water and
• postpone until a better time
• positive anticipation and gratitude support the digestibility of the food

• Fact: In spite of a balanced diet nutritional deficiencies occur!
• One acquires a guaranteed balanced and complete NUTRIENT provision by the supply of nutrients very close to nature
• With food supplements (vitamin products) you should pay particular attention to the following: whether they contain additives such as coloring, binders with the addition of
• sweeteners and suchlike
• synthetic vitamins can often be recognized by their high dosage
• Presentation form: liquid in bright bottles (light-sensitive!) plus the amount of oxygen in the bottle will increase every day (leads to loss of vitamins through the process of
• oxidation)
• watch out for coated tablets and capsules! (compression)
• Bioavailability = not what is supplied but what arrives in the body is the important thing! --->>> Fluctuations in the bioavailability of from 10% to 90% are possible - depending
• of course on the digestive performance and intestinal health.

Start with what you find the easiest!