Content overview of the lectures
Mr. Ziegler reports on his 20 years of experience in practice, lecturing and orthomolecular work - supplemented by knowledge from study trips and long years staying in Asia, Europe and the USA: depending on the lecture’s topic the following subjects, among others, will be the main focuses of the lectures:

• What have hormonal and glycometabolism to do with mood swings, depressions, aggression and learning disorders?
• The significance of the B vitamins for a healthy cerebral and neural metabolism

"What’s biting you?" or: a different look at liver and cell detoxication!

• What significance does the pancreas and its nutrient situation have for the learning ability and capacity for concentration in our children?
• the model of the 9 metabolic regulatory circuits of the OBENAS system - and the insights arising from it for our health
• Are fruit and vegetables enough in our daily nourishment?
• Important information on healthy digestive physiology and its effects on a child’s development.

Skin diseases, lung problems and allergies reduced to a common denominator - what part does the state of the intestine play in this?

Information to the therapists’ training
• Introduction and training in the orthomolecular and bio-electronic nutrient analysis according to the OBENAS system - supplemented by a bio-electronic organ function
• Practical application of the networked health analysis and integration of the 5 elements teaching as well as parts of the tongue diagnosis in the OBENAS analysis system
• Valuable aspects of digestive physiology and the practical application of OBENAS nourishment tips.
• Possible applications in nutrient optimization
• Summary of the latest research findings for the most common clinical pictures in practice
• The model of the 9 metabolic regulatory circuits in the OBENAS system - and the insights arising from it for our health
• How can bioresonance therapy, homoeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, physiotherapy, kinesiology, ergotherapy, speech therapy, psychotherapy and pharmaceutical therapy
be successfully supported by the OBENAS system?