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How OBENAS began ...
By the beginning of the 1980’s Alf-H. Ziegler, was already concerning himself with connections between diet and health. He was motivated by personal and medical reasons.

During his study of human medicine from 1980 to 1986 Mr. Ziegler realized, that dietary aspects were being ignored in daily medical practice, and that patients’ questions about what they should do to alter their diet, in order to attain or maintain a certain condition of health, were often remaining unanswered.

In addition to this, it happened that both Mr. Ziegler’s parents were taken ill with cancer and "despite" the best medical attention (often expensively paid for privately), the treatments yielded no results - and after a long period of suffering led to no healing.

Following this, Mr. Ziegler devoted himself ever more to researching the connections between diet, health and natural remedies. At the same time Mr. Ziegler (1985) founded a teaching and consulting group for health practitioners and gradually made his "hobby" into a profession/appeal:

Founding of the advisory group for diet, environment and sport Frankfurt/Main registered association, president and managing director until 1997, speaker and training manager of all basic and further education.

Training of health consultants: with support from non-medical practitioners, nutritionists and psychotherapists more than 700 people have been trained to the level of "expert adviser on diet, health and environment".

Building up 3 companies in the medical sector:

• UV light consultation service (business consultants for healing and nursing professions)
• Edeufa (registered trademark for the distribution of food supplements and health consultancy)
• Med & Sun (medical equipment for light therapy)

Trade fairs, publishing articles and information sheets, numerous organizations of lectures

December 1990:
Sale of the above mentioned companies and handing over of the association’s branch office activities

International study tours in Europe, Asia and America:

1991 to 1993:
Study tours in Europe, North Africa, Asia, USA, birth of daughter in the USA

June 1993 to Aug. 1995 in Asia:
Research into Asiatic dietetics, medicinal herbs and Chinese medicine in Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, observation of ayurvedic therapists.

Sept. 1995 to Sept. 2000 in the USA:
Building up of the American branch of a German company in medical technology: Production and development of the first birth pool on wheels for hospitals, 1996 Water birth of their son.

Further development and extension of the networked health consultancy from the orthomolecular point of view with simultaneous integration of the newly developed bio-electronic nutrient analysis system. (from the EAV)

Working together with American therapists in the areas of homoeopathy, orthomolecular medicine and osteopathy in order to further extend the system (constant optimization of the questionnaire through measurement results)

Objective: taking into consideration the present health of the organs to attain the optimum supply of nutrients and by means of a good intestinal set-up and possible further measures to facilitate a well balanced recovery.

Jan 2001:
Founding of the company Neuer Horizont OHG - networked health consultancy

July 2003 until present:
Founding of the OBENAS Institute for Orthomolecular & Bio-Electronic Nutrient Analysis GmbH (Experience of over 4'000 analyses). Affiliation of the Technical Medical Advisory Council

The Obenas philosophy
The OBENAS Institute has set itself the target of winning people to healthy eating and a natural life-style.

To assist in a full and balanced diet OBENAS offers a range of selected food supplements and Vita Status products, which fulfill very high demands. Through ongoing quality control and further development of the products this range is constantly being optimized.

Individual consultations on questions of diet micronutrients are of course part of the service. Our customers know that they can rely on the OBENAS team with a scientific specialist body.

It is a matter of concern to the company to sensitize the public to questions of health and the environment and to improve information on healthy eating. We organize lecture events with experts and information evenings for interested end-users.

Our experience over the past nearly twenty years has shown us that personal commitment and integrity even in business life are becoming increasingly valued by people. We regard the success and satisfaction of our customers as proof that our concept of high product quality, professional care and mutual trust has proved itself. We will remain true to this philosophy.

What is Vita Status?
Present in our foods are vitamins, minerals and trace elements not in isolation but integrated in fats, carbohydrates and proteins. These co-factors are necessary to reabsorb the nutrients out of the intestine and transport them through the cell membranes. Synthetic vitamins, though also isolated vitamins of natural origin, do not contain these elements and are dependent on the availability of transportation substances in our body. In many cases, however, these substances are not present in sufficient quantities with the result that the effectiveness of the vitamins is reduced. In the attempt to overcome the deficit, vitamins and minerals are often prescribed in excessive dosages without achieving the desired effect. The answer to this dilemma was the development of nutrients that came as close as possible to natural foodstuffs.

What is special about Vita Status vitamins and minerals?
Each Vita Status vitamin is combined with a food component, in which they are naturally contained: e.g. beta carotin in carrot concentrate, vitamin C in citrus pith and vitamin E in vegetable oil.

The Vita Status minerals and trace elements are in a nutrient complex enriched on a yeast basis. The result is a food supplement with proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, which the body can use like natural wholefoods.

Why do minerals work more effectively in Vita Status?
Minerals occur in organic and inorganic form. Inorganic minerals are mostly unsuitable for human tissue, as opposed to which minerals in the organic form can be easily absorbed and utilized. In nature plants absorb the inorganic minerals from the earth and transform them into organic minerals. By consuming the plants the organic minerals become available to human beings.

Vita Status minerals are produced in accordance with this model. In a nutrient matrix yeast cells (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) are enriched with the special mineral substances. They change them into their organic form i.e. they are integrated into the necessary transportation molecules when they arrive in the human body.

Why is there no problem for Vita Status with yeast fungus allergies?
Most allergens are proteins or chain molecules. In Vita Status products there are no longer any active yeast cells, which could trigger an allergy. After being enriched with nutrients the yeast cells are dissolved with enzymes and the protein molecules break down into amino acids. From this moment on there are no longer any potentially allergenic yeast molecules left.

Vita Status products are therefore suitable for persons with fungal allergies and sensitive to candida. As yet no allergic reactions to Vita Status food supplements have been noticed. However, no product exists that is absolutely safe from allergies.

Does Vita Status have to be taken with food?
Vita Status products do not need to be taken with food. Because of the foodstuff components they contain the Vita Status active ingredients are easily digestible and already have the specific co-factors for resorption in them.

Why is the production process so important?
An important factor in the biological availability of the contents is the way the tablets are manufactured. Many so-called harmless adjuvants used in the manufacture of tablets, can influence the absorption power of the active ingredients or cause side effects or allergies. For this reason Vita Status products are produced only with the absolutely necessary adjuvants, which are all of natural origin.

Another quality factor in the production process is the processing pressure in the tablet compression. Too great a pressure causes heat and damages the working ingredients. Apart from that, the dissolution of the tablet in the intestine is reduced and the rate of resorption decreases. Regulated cooling periods for the punching heads and controlled pressure levels are therefore part of the standard of our production.

Vita Status guarantee
The Vita Status products are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and candida sensitive persons and are guaranteed free of ingredients such as wheat, gluten, starch, dairy products (lactose), sugar, coloring agents, artificial aromatics, preservatives and active yeast.

In the Vita Status products it is guaranteed that there are no genetically modified materials processed into them.

In the production of tablets and capsules vehicles are used in order to absorb the active substances and to release them at the right time in the intestine. Separating agents and thickeners as well as coating substances are necessary so that the tablets keep their form and do not stick to each other. With the help of very small amounts of antioxidants and acidifiers it is ensured that the sensitive micronutrients retain their effectiveness until the expiry date given.

You will find advice on the adjuvants used in the Renuvitalis product in question on the label and in the product information. In the selection of the adjuvants special attention is paid to their being completely harmless to the health and have no allergenic properties. Exclusively substances of natural origin are used.

A vegetable thickener and coating substance from brown algae, assists digestion having the effect of roughage.

Ascorbic acid
Isolated vitamin C is used in small quantities as an antioxidant and is completely harmless.

Natural antioxidant and acidifier, in small quantities completely harmless.

Gum Arabic
A vegetable thickener extracted from the sap of a type of acacia.

This thickener is extracted from the woody tissue of sterculiacea trees.

Magnesium stearate
The magnesium salt of stearic acid is produced from sunflower oil and is a natural vehicle.

Silicon dioxide
Used as a separating agent, occurs in nature as silica.

Stearic acid This edible fatty acid is extracted from sunflower oil and serves as a natural separating agent and coating substance.

Microcrystalline cellulose
Vegetable cellulose serves as a thickener in tablets and in the production of the vegetable capsule case. As roughage it stimulates digestion.

Citric acid
Acidifier of vegetable basis; citric acid is a natural substance and completely harmless to consume.

The vegetable protein from corn meal (maize meal) is used as coating for the tablets.

Product overview
• Antioxidants
• Beta carotin
• Biotin
• Coenzyme Q 10
• Folic acid
• Liquid Q 10
• Multivitamins and minerals
• Vitamin B-complex + C + magnesium
• Vitamin C

• Calcium
• Chromium GTF
• Iron
• Magnesium
• Multiminerals
• Phytocalcium
• Zinc

Intestinal build-up and cleansing
• Colovit
• Colo-Dophilus
• Intestine cleansing complex

Further health promoting products
• Bromelain
• Evening primrose oil
• OPC 100 grape seed extract
• Plantox
• Pure lecithin
• Spirulina Pacifica Hawaii (freshwater algae)