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The orthomolecular & bio-electronic nutrient analysis and its integration into work-related areas
The dominating principle is the holistic consideration of a person’s metabolism from all possible perspectives in order to ensure the best possible provision with nutrients: Starting with the food intake, the gastrointestinal digestion via the nutrient resorption in the intestine, the transportation in the blood to the assimilation of the nutrients into the cells.

01. Draw up a metabolic biography by means of a questionnaire and consultative discussion
02. Nutrition according to the blood groups
03. Typological analysis (constitutional analysis, facial analysis)
04. Nourishment according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
05. Dietetic aspects of the individual’s nourishment
06. Analysis of the life-style and habits
07. Stress compensation for familial pressures
08. Stress compensation for scholastic/professional pressures
09. Pregnancy and nursing period accompaniment
10. Elimination of toxins and metabolic waste
11. Calculation of orthomolecular nutrition requirement
12. Analysis of bio-electronic nutrition requirement